Citriber Almeria is a subsidiary of Citriber. We are focused on the growth and distribution of organic produce. Most importantly, 100% from Spain.

We collect fruits and vegetables on demand to guarantee maximum freshness , preserving our customers’ supply chain. Also, we are also hold certifications from the most demanding production standards in Europe. For instance, IFS or Globalgap. In addition, we use a tested tracking system, which, along with years of expertise as producers, makes Citriber BIO the safest bet.



our way of doing things

  • We do not use genetically modified organisms. We only use organic seeds and reproduction materials.
  • By practicing respectful soil tillage, we guarantee fertility and minimizing erosion.
  • Citriber BIO only uses fertilizers that have been  authorized for bio production.
  • We rotate crops every two years and fertilize with organic matter derived from plants, animals, or microorganisms.
  • In addition, we carry biological pest control tests, favoring presence of natural predators.
  • Furthermore, we are committed to sustainable and tracked water management.
  • After collection, we use organic products to wash fruits and vegetables.
  • We foster biodiversity in our fields.
  • Last, but not least, we enhance rural environment and scenery preservation.
citriber almeria location